Black & White Photographs

Flawed (overexposed in particular), grand and close to my heart. These photographs vary in film type, developer and motive. I love them all.

I said flawed, right? The good kind.

Black & white didn’t used to be a close friend of mine. I know, I know – it’s the epitome of class, romance and all that. There was just something too…implied about the look. Like ‘oh a black & white photo, it must be full of depth and serious meaning’.

Color, to me, set no such limits. Color was true and straightforward. Color was life.¬†And it still is! But when I was introduced to the darkroom, to the beautiful behind-the-scenes of a picture, I encountered a newfound respect for black & white. We got to know each other. Now, when I shoot in that timeless scheme, I am totally okay with any tag-along implications. After all, author’s intent is not law. Art, whether grayscale or vibrant, is in the hands of its perceivers.

-Bette Jane


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