Lavender Almond Shortbread Cookies

I know, I know. Another cookie post from the hungrygnomes. But I have a good reason, I swear.

Bette Jane and I have been searching for dried culinary lavender and have been failing miserably. And by searching, I mean going to one fancy grocery store hoping to find it in the spice section. You see, you can’t use the flowers from the lavender plant in your pretty garden unless you know that it hasn’t been treated with pesticides. You don’t really want to eat those yucky chemicals.

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Serious Whole-Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Most people grow up with a family recipe for chocolate chip cookies. In fact, over time, our taste buds develop cookie-expectations: thin and crispy; thick and soft; tall and dense; small, light and fluffy. No matter your tongue’s needs, this particular cookie should satisfy them. And they’re not that serious.

I’m not offering a guarantee if you’re a thin and crispy kind of cookie person, because these could be paperweights in their whole-wheat goodness. But I feel confident with a 90% chance of success. Maybe even 92.

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Los Angeles, I’m Yours


Well, folks! I am back from my roadtrip to Los Angeles. It took a total of 1200 miles, 25 hours, and hundreds of songs to get there. Thanks to my awesome friend, Chrissy, for accompanying me on this trip. I owe her BIG time. I had two main missions on this trip: 1) go the the Ellen Degeneres show, and more importantly 2) visit Mike at USC.

The one celebrity I allow myself to obsess over.

I feel like this is a good time to explain more about this Mike fellow and how he came to be an important part of my life. Things are about to get personal.

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Educational Blackberry Peach Galette

I, Bette Jane, am Krislaless. She is off to California for something about ‘Ellen Degeneres’ and ‘boyfriend’. Whatevs. So, at a loss, I threw myself into a baking mess. This became the biggest journey my kitchen and I have been through. But that is totally unavoidable, so do not flee! There was just a great need for me to make mistakes and get fruit filling all over myself. Apparently.

Nobody should be without a Krisla.

P.S. It’s super end-of-summer tasty and even better when you’ve learned something!

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