Cucumber Avocado Sushi Rolls

Pickiness is a very stigmatized trait. Particular people are close-minded, stubborn and “missing out”, right? I would like to tell you: nay. That is wrong. Wrong! Sure, we have certain tastes…but that just means we have expectations. Great expectations!

All right, pickiness is kind of an inconvenience. Fortunately, my food preferences have significantly expanded over the years. I can attribute much of that to will, to wanting to enjoy any food. And that includes sushi!

One thing that has not changed, however, is my expectation to not taste fishy food. Je mange sans poisson! I expect this when I eat my daily yogurt, when I bite into my sandwiches, and yes, even when I eat sushi.

Disclaimer: the salty seafood aspect of seaweed is the exception to this expectation! Are you with me? Also, that French statement isn’t very sensible. Je ne mange pas de poisson is better. The first one just kind of rhymes. Sorta.


I should warn you, I only know what I’m talking about in this post based off of: 1. I watched Krisla work the magic that made this delicious sushi and 2. I ate this delicious sushi. Oh, yes I did.


We briefly discussed the simplicity of this “meal” (it actually filled me up quite a bit!). As a poor, often lazy and slow-moving college student, I slack on my food preparation. It’s scandalous how little I bake these days! But Krisla insisted that sushi is one thing I can easily make time for.

Cucumber Avocado Sushi Rolls

An everyday recipe from the home of Krisla

Total time involved: about 15 minutes, not including rice cooking time

Serves 1 vegetarian that didn’t share very much…


Feel free to throw in your fishy seafood, if you must (for Calfornia rolls: mix crab meat, mayo, and some pepper! Add fish eggs if you want)

1 sheet of seaweed (Make sure its not one that’s not salted and roasted. It’s not as sturdy for rollin’.)

1/2-1 cup cooked white or brown rice, depends on how much you want really

1/2 to 1 avocado, sliced out and chopped into haphazard little guys (Krisla skillfully maneuvered around some icky parts)

1 small cucumber (or 1/2 a larger one), sliced vertically and then in half horizontally

drops of sriracha or any preferred sauce to your liking!

soy sauce, oh wonderful soy sauce

pickled ginger (not anything like pickled radishes, in case you’ve had those…geh)


1. Prepare your rice if not ready. Krisla’s family usually has rice just ready to go at a moment’s notice, but I understand this is a circumstantial trait! Just get ‘er ready, whether by rice cooker, stovetop or microwave.

2. Cut your cuc (what a weird abbreviation…what a weird trend, actually, to abbreviate. Def.) and avocado in their respective ways, as listed in the ingredients. Make additions/variations as you deem tasty.

3. Set seaweed horizontally on an even surface. Distribute rice consistently onto seaweed with a flat, spatula-like utensil. A plastic one is very efficient.

4. Arrange cucumber and avocado next to each other. Aim for 1/3 of the wrap from the left.

5. Add dashes of your preferred sauce!

6. Roll it on up! Make sure the roll is firm, but be careful not to tear the seaweed.

7. Eat! Yes! With some soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

-Bette Jane (but mostly Magic by Krisla)

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