Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites

Did your jaw drop and drool spill out of your mouth when you read the title? Because that’s what happened to me when I found this recipe. It’s absolutely genius! Peanut butter filling smushed between two salty pretzels and all of that deliciousness dipped in chocolate.¬† Bette Jane doesn’t like peanut butter and pretzels so she wasn’t a huge fan. Weirdo. But I know someone who is…

I sent a couple dozen of these delectable bites to Mike in a care package along with snickerdoodles, Nutella cookies, and other treats. Not the healthiest cardboard box to arrive at your doorstep, but definitely filled with love. So it’s okay, right? Right. Love in packaged forms is totally awesome. Especially when chocolate peanut butter pretzel bites are involved. Mike and his roommates¬† pooped their pants in amazement! (That’s a direct quote.)

P.S. Ignore the missing pretzel bite in the picture… I couldn’t resist.

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Multifaceted Pumpkin Cookies

Sure, Halloween is over. Green bean casseroles and mashed potatoes loom in the distance. And I even turn my car radio on to hear Delilah playing Christmas music like every song will save some floundering soul.

Not that I’m complaining! Holidays are totally the cozy, somewhat drunken, classic American times for me. But I’m not done with pumpkin. I mean, I bought it at Costco.

So get ready. I’m bringin’ pumpkin back.

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Homemade Fortune Cookies

I had to take an online Biochemistry quiz on Friday when I got home from school. Friday. The quiz is open from 6 am on Friday to 9 am on Saturday. Who’s bright idea was it to have students spend their Friday nights studying enzyme kinetics? Sooo not cool.

So of course, the first thing I did when I got home was start studying… Ha. Yeah, right. I actually just sat on the couch, watched The Ellen Degeneres Show and looked at recipes on the internet. I thought about making fortune cookies pretty much the entire day. And that I did. But I made them fortune-less because I was too lazy to write and think of witty things to say. If I was giving them to someone I definitely would have!

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