Gnarly Superfood Muffins

Have you ever seen The Swan Princess? It’s one of my favorite childhood movies. In fact, the king’s dying words, “Nothing is as it seems…eck, cough“, totally affected me. Yes, that’s right! I have been shaped by The Swan Princess. That’s why I make healthy foods that my family and friends deny justice. And also why I turn into a swan daily.

Gnarly superfood muffins with quinoa might look wild and tasteless, but…

Nothing is as it seems!

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Shrimp & Pesto Pizza

I found out today that I do my best thinking when I’m driving by myself. It’s my spring break. And like a fool, I decided to work in research lab so I’ve been driving down to Seattle a lot this week. I’ve had some revelations, I tell ya.

Instance #1: Planes are freaking cool. They are these heavy chunks of metal flying in the sky that take us places. Humans aren’t supposed to fly. That’s why we don’t have wings. But we found a way to do it anyways. The human mind is a marvelous thing.

Instance #2: I planned out what I want to say in my personal statement for med school. Shoot… I better write this down before I forget it.

Instance #3: Shrimp and pesto taste pretty darn good together… also pesto and pizza… SHRIMP AND PESTO PIZZA.

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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

I love finding things. Lost keys, old photos, new recipes, strange music, weird people, intriguing books; there is enormous satisfaction in discovery. And I believe the very best ones are stumbled upon accidentally.

Take The Tale of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups…

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Vegan Irish Soda Bread

When people hear that I enjoy baking, they often assume I live among rolling pins, piping tools and butter. This is def not the case.

Indeed, beautiful bread and cakes come to mind…with the image of a baker in a white hat (flour idyllically on the nose) quickly following. Therefore, the idea of creating vegan goods while in one of my mom’s “long-ass coats and exercise pants” (flour down the front), seems as related to the baking identity as Irish soda bread is to a vegan Welsh girl.

Oh, wait…

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