Whole Wheat Everything Bagels

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I love bagels. They get such a bad rap, though, and I’ve been feeling a little defensive for them. Innocent bread circles, wonderfully round, thick and beautiful – what have they done to deserve such criticism, such shunning!

So, I have decided to do some sort of half-assed internet research. Are bagels six times worse than a slice of bread? What does that even mean? Do they, in a single bagel, really have as much calories and carbohydrates as a loaf of bread? How are they made? Did they save cream cheese from the brink of extinction?!

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All these and more, tonight on Bette Jane’s Bagel Hour.

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Shameful but Still Hungry


We missed November. Blast. It was the one thing I inwardly vowed, to not leave the blog empty for a month’s entirety. And yet, December, here we sit, fatter, colder and not all that jolly.

Alas! Med. school applications and job fiascos took over our front burners. Sure, we still cooked, baked and ate, but I have a feeling that Krisla and I both looked at our cameras and computers…then back to our food…then to the effort-requiring-technology…then back to our food – and then we kept eating. All through November.


So, in some way (I hope) a consolation (if not to any passerby-reader, then to me) I will do a sort of re-cap of what my November looked like: what I was eating, dreaming of, reading and listening to. And, not doing at all…this post might as well be called Everything I Wasn’t in November.

Is this an excuse to remember all the stuff I need, and want to follow through with, and otherwise, probably, wouldn’t? Well, who’s counting…

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