Almond Milk


Non-dairy beverages are coming in all sorts of fascinating forms. My mom is a hemp milk drinker (after a series of explanation on its not having THC properties); my sister gets down with coconut; plenty of people get their liquid oat on; and I really love almond milk.

A friend with nut allergies walked into our kitchen the other day, expertly scouted the area, and murmured:

“I hear you’re milkin’…”.

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Mini Pretzel-Dogs


Hmm I struggled with the title of this. I don’t know what is the grammatically correct way to write “pretzel dog/pretzel-dog/pretzeldog”. If I just leave a space between “pretzel” and “dog”, it’s misleading because it may seem like I am providing a recipe for dog-shaped pretzels. And if I write “pretzeldog” it leaves that horrid red squiggly line underneath indicating a misspelled word, which is just plain annoying.  I’ll go with the dashed variety.

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