New York and Attempted Treacle Tart


Autumn. What a beautiful word, even, let alone the season. I think New York City is similarly synchronized in word and meaning: tall, short, tall, long, spaced, dotted, lined, new, old.

The thing is, I made this treacle tart, and it looked just delicious. I daresay I was proud as I sidled this crispy, Harry Potter- and fall-inspired dessert out of the oven. But, unlike ‘autumn’ and ‘New York City’, its presentation bears little resemblance to tart reality.


Nonetheless, it’s a union of peach, almond, ginger and treacle (minus one chink in the lattice). And I beseech the internet for a recreation that,¬†like autumn and New York (subjectively, bien sur), isn’t all appearances.

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Color Photographs

Sometimes I wish I still had my six-year-old hobbies: climbing trees, napping, pinching (called for or not) and, above all, coloring.

Okay, so I do pretty much all of those things. I don’t pinch, though.

Maybe when there’s a monkey tree.

Coloring could happen more often. Those smelly markers! Crayon names were a whole other event. Taking colorful pictures makes me feel like I’m wielding a Burnt Sienna¬†crayon all over again…which is spectacular.

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