New York and Attempted Treacle Tart


Autumn. What a beautiful word, even, let alone the season. I think New York City is similarly synchronized in word and meaning: tall, short, tall, long, spaced, dotted, lined, new, old.

The thing is, I made this treacle tart, and it looked just delicious. I daresay I was proud as I sidled this crispy, Harry Potter- and fall-inspired dessert out of the oven. But, unlike ‘autumn’ and ‘New York City’, its presentation bears little resemblance to tart reality.


Nonetheless, it’s a union of peach, almond, ginger and treacle (minus one chink in the lattice). And I beseech the internet for a recreation that, like autumn and New York (subjectively, bien sur), isn’t all appearances.

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Peach Upside-Down Cake


Oh, July. You were my busiest, most gratifying month yet. Let’s recap:

By day, I dominated a park, leading and teaching a group of young kids at a summer day camp. By night, I played student taking an MCAT prep course and a hospice volunteer training class. On weekends, I caught up with mis amigos, diddle-daddling through the streets of Seattle. Oh, July.

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Salted Caramel Sauce


I’m back from hiatus y’all! I know, I haven’t been consistent with posts, but now that I’m no longer in school (Class of 2013, woot woot!), I can hopefully make this blogging a regular thing again. I’ve missed it.

Tomorrow, I’m making a chocolate salted caramel nutella cake for my little sister’s birthday. I’ve never made a fancy cake before so I’m STOKED. Until then, I’ll just tease you guys with a recipe for salted caramel sauce that I’ll be using for the cake. It’s much easier than you think! Only a few ingredients, constant stirring, and you have sweet and salty deliciousness.

Excuse the iPhone photos, heh.

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Science Lesson: Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Photo from: fooducate

I am going to tell you about fats. Yes, yes, I know, a post about fat after I post recipes that use more than two sticks of butter. But I learned about different types of fats in my biochemistry class and I just want to share what I read to all of you lovely people! Don’t worry, I won’t get into all the gory details. That would be very dull for the both of us. I don’t know all the gory details, anyways.

So there’s all this hype about partially hydrogenated oils and trans fat and how it’s bad for you. But how did it become part of our dietary lifestyle? What the heck does the partially hydrogenated mean? What does it do to us?

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