No-Knead Roasted Garlic Bread


This is not my first go at baking fresh bread. I’ve tried before but my bread has always turned out a little too tough or did not rise as well as I’d hope. But one of my coworkers, an avid baker, showed me this recipe for no-knead bread that was posted on the New York Times years ago. It’s been advertised as “so easy a four-year-old can do it!” That means I can do it too, right?

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Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip

I don’t know about you, but cooking is my favorite way to procrastinate. I made FOUR different kinds of pizza yesterday to distract myself from finishing my medical school applications. Okay… I also made four different kinds of pizza because I just couldn’t decide what toppings I wanted. Pesto sauce or tomato sauce, Canadian bacon or chicken, pineapple or artichoke. Sooo I just made different combinations of them all. Problem solved. Don’t worry, I shared my creations with the fam bam.

Today’s distraction features artichoke, spinach, cheese, crackers, and reruns of Laguna Beach and Gilmore Girls. Ahhh summer, I adore you.

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Strawberry Summer Salad with Honey Lime Vinaigrette

Two posts in a row from Krisla! In the same weekend! What is this madness. Well, it’s called procrastination during a 3-day weekend. Also, the weather is amazing and my family is having a BBQ with some friends. The plan was to have 30 pounds of crawfish shipped up from Louisiana for the party, but it got lost. Actually, it was given to someone else by accident. Sad day:(

But anyways, I made use of the candied pecans to make a delicious summer salad. I made a sweet and tangy vinaigrette to pair with the crunchy nuts and lovely strawberries, my favorite fruit in the summer. Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!

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Cucumber Avocado Sushi Rolls

Pickiness is a very stigmatized trait. Particular people are close-minded, stubborn and “missing out”, right? I would like to tell you: nay. That is wrong. Wrong! Sure, we have certain tastes…but that just means we have expectations. Great expectations!

All right, pickiness is kind of an inconvenience. Fortunately, my food preferences have significantly expanded over the years. I can attribute much of that to will, to wanting to enjoy any food. And that includes sushi!

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The Last Vegan Supper

Well, folks, our 5-day Vegan challenge is up to its final day. And you know what, it has not been as challenging as expected. In honor of our last supper, we chose a fiery evening of Spicy Black Bean Soup and Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles!

From Krisla’s overindulgence in spices to Bette Jane’s electric can-opener, this vegan dinner/dessert combo was one fabulous night. One fabulous fiesta.


P.S. thanks for your commentary and picture-taking, Riley. Sort of your commentary.

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