Coconut Cashew Cream Tart with Strawberries

We’ve got a good-news, bad-news situation here.

Bad news: this is our first post of May, which means we are slackin’ food bloggers that’ve been eating their creations instead of sharing them (incidentally, our food-sharing might be more fulfilling to we, the bloggers, than to ye, the blog readers…but that is beside the point).

Good news: this is one g.d. tasty tart, and it is completely worth our worthlessness. I hope.

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Gnarly Superfood Muffins

Have you ever seen The Swan Princess? It’s one of my favorite childhood movies. In fact, the king’s dying words, “Nothing is as it seems…eck, cough“, totally affected me. Yes, that’s right! I have been shaped by The Swan Princess. That’s why I make healthy foods that my family and friends deny justice. And also why I turn into a swan daily.

Gnarly superfood muffins with quinoa might look wild and tasteless, but…

Nothing is as it seems!

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