Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll Cake


You’re probably thinking, “SAY WUT?! A vegetable in a cake?!”

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Carrot Cake


What is it about those open-minded desserts, the ones that integrate vegetables with sweet muff and fluff? With savory, tart squelchy toppings?

Maybe ‘squelchy’ doesn’t set the right mood. Borders on ‘queef’.

Carrot cake brings it right back.

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Peach Upside-Down Cake


Oh, July. You were my busiest, most gratifying month yet. Let’s recap:

By day, I dominated a park, leading and teaching a group of young kids at a summer day camp. By night, I played student taking an MCAT prep course and a hospice volunteer training class. On weekends, I caught up with mis amigos, diddle-daddling through the streets of Seattle. Oh, July.

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Salted Caramel Sauce


I’m back from hiatus y’all! I know, I haven’t been consistent with posts, but now that I’m no longer in school (Class of 2013, woot woot!), I can hopefully make this blogging a regular thing again. I’ve missed it.

Tomorrow, I’m making a chocolate salted caramel nutella cake for my little sister’s birthday. I’ve never made a fancy cake before so I’m STOKED. Until then, I’ll just tease you guys with a recipe for salted caramel sauce that I’ll be using for the cake. It’s much easier than you think! Only a few ingredients, constant stirring, and you have sweet and salty deliciousness.

Excuse the iPhone photos, heh.

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Victoria Sponge Sandwich Cake from Ron

One of the wonderful Christmas presents I received this year was the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook from my dear friend Hanna. For those of you that are Harry Potter fansĀ (it’s gotta be, what, 80% of the fortunate literate population?), you know what kind of a gift this is. And this delicious jam cake is just one of many magical recipes!

If I may quote the overly quoted quote of Ron Weasley: “Wicked”.

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