New York and Attempted Treacle Tart


Autumn. What a beautiful word, even, let alone the season. I think New York City is similarly synchronized in word and meaning: tall, short, tall, long, spaced, dotted, lined, new, old.

The thing is, I made this treacle tart, and it looked just delicious. I daresay I was proud as I sidled this crispy, Harry Potter- and fall-inspired dessert out of the oven. But, unlike ‘autumn’ and ‘New York City’, its presentation bears little resemblance to tart reality.


Nonetheless, it’s a union of peach, almond, ginger and treacle (minus one chink in the lattice). And I beseech the internet for a recreation that, like autumn and New York (subjectively, bien sur), isn’t all appearances.

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Recliner Soup


This in-between-seasons thing perplexes me. Jeans, or shorts? Hot or iced? Study, or lounge? It took a Day of Initiation and Recline to settle the flustration for me. Tie-dye leaves of golden brown and green rattled about. Gray-blue clouds drummed along. A wind with a little less pollen and a little more coolness whistled through my hair. It was enough: I gathered my semi-wilted produce, my stock and scarf (I think it was still around 60 degrees) and headed to my dad’s to make soup.

Decisive at last! The act of my dad happily eating said soup, in his recliner (leather almost as withered as my bell peppers), made this Recliner Soup.

And! It did not taste like leather.

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Pumpkin Cream Puffs

It’s fall. It’s time to bundle up in scarves and wool coats, study for midterms, drink hot beverages of all sorts, and eat pumpkin things! Especially in the form of pumpkin cream puffs. Maybe with a pumpkin spice latte in a pumpkin-colored mug while carving pumpkins. Pumpkin overload? There’s no such thing.

Bette Jane came home last weekend and we went on a baking/cooking frenzy, taking over my mom’s kitchen. We wanted to do something fall-ish, and she had bought Costco cans of pumpkin a few weeks back. But what to do with them? There are so many recipes for pie, cookies, and quick breads, but we wanted to do something a little bit more interesting. Plus, we have about a gazillion (Actually, we only have six.) cookie recipes  already and I would feel bad posting another one.

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