Coconut Candied Ginger Ice Cream



That’s what typically goes through my head whenever ice cream is within a mile radius.

I concocted this coconut ice cream with candied ginger pieces with the intent to make ice cream floats using ginger beer. Have you guys had ginger beer? It’s amazing. I had it for the first time on my flight to Australia last year and it’s my new favorite carbonated drink. Ginger ale used to be my favorite, but now my taste buds find it too tame and lackluster in comparison. (Once you go ginger beer, you never go back, right?)

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Pumpkin Muffins with Millet and Chocolate Chips

This recipe adventure is actually an older one from the fall (hense the pumpkin, although who would really turn that down just because it’s summer?). I remember the day well: it began with an uncomfortably early rugby game, full of tight shorts, sweat and bruises the size of your mom (the sidelines are a tough place); then, I spent a few hours trying to coax my pilot light into wondrous flames (for, approximately, the eighth time); later, when I was filled with a need to recover from this strenuous day, I threw together these spectacular little hot cakes (correction, muffins) and shared them with fellow Writing Center nerd-friends over a semi-clean game of Scrabble.

Don’t feel bad if your life is less invigorating; mine is not meant to be a commonly traveled road. Pumpkin muffins, however, are on the path for all!

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