Whole Wheat Everything Bagels

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I love bagels. They get such a bad rap, though, and I’ve been feeling a little defensive for them. Innocent bread circles, wonderfully round, thick and beautiful – what have they done to deserve such criticism, such shunning!

So, I have decided to do some sort of half-assed internet research. Are bagels six times worse than a slice of bread? What does that even mean? Do they, in a single bagel, really have as much calories and carbohydrates as a loaf of bread? How are they made? Did they save cream cheese from the brink of extinction?!

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All these and more, tonight on Bette Jane’s Bagel Hour.

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Gnarly Superfood Muffins

Have you ever seen The Swan Princess? It’s one of my favorite childhood movies. In fact, the king’s dying words, “Nothing is as it seems…eck, cough“, totally affected me. Yes, that’s right! I have been shaped by The Swan Princess. That’s why I make healthy foods that my family and friends deny justice. And also why I turn into a swan daily.

Gnarly superfood muffins with quinoa might look wild and tasteless, but…

Nothing is as it seems!

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