Peach Upside-Down Cake


Oh, July. You were my busiest, most gratifying month yet. Let’s recap:

By day, I dominated a park, leading and teaching a group of young kids at a summer day camp. By night, I played student taking an MCAT prep course and a hospice volunteer training class. On weekends, I caught up with mis amigos, diddle-daddling through the streets of Seattle. Oh, July.

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Educational Blackberry Peach Galette

I, Bette Jane, am Krislaless. She is off to California for something about ‘Ellen Degeneres’ and ‘boyfriend’. Whatevs. So, at a loss, I threw myself into a baking mess. This became the biggest journey my kitchen and I have been through. But that is totally unavoidable, so do not flee! There was just a great need for me to make mistakes and get fruit filling all over myself. Apparently.

Nobody should be without a Krisla.

P.S. It’s super end-of-summer tasty and even better when you’ve learned something!

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