Evolutionary Lemon Squares



Who but spring! who but blossomy, strawberry spring could bring out the old in so much new?


Baking with the zip of lemon zest is like saying “resurrection” without any religious sentiment. Ah. It’s like a blog post about Emily Post eating vegan, oat-y lemon squares with her tea.

Just like that. Baby we’re back.

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Coconut Lavender Panna Cotta


April is one of my favorite times of the year. Do you know why? Seattle Restaurant Week. Also known as “A Frugal Seattle Foodie’s Chance to Feast at High-End Restaurants”. Three-course dinners for 28 bucks? Sign me up. It’s like getting an appetizer and dessert at these restaurants FO’ FREE.

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Almond Milk


Non-dairy beverages are coming in all sorts of fascinating forms. My mom is a hemp milk drinker (after a series of explanation on its not having THC properties); my sister gets down with coconut; plenty of people get their liquid oat on; and I really love almond milk.

A friend with nut allergies walked into our kitchen the other day, expertly scouted the area, and murmured:

“I hear you’re milkin’…”.

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Get Real: Banana Poppy Seed Muffins


Do you have regular fridge-rummaging sessions? You know, the hours-long appointment in which you take out all those drawers, shelves, and rancid white-thing-that-used-to-be-orange? And you eventually make it to the freezer, where you find collard greens that you vowed to use six months ago in a really healthful and subtly gourmet extravaganza, probably featuring “Specialty Items” like tahini and unpronounceable produce?

I don’t really think I do. I mean, I find things like collard greens and unrecognizable species when I fridge-clean. But it’s more of a long, long overdue apology to the fridge…but perpetually, which means it is always long overdue. When I clean the fridge, it means I have said to myself (or to anyone who gives a shit about my fridge hygiene – aka my cats who have tuna investments), “Wow, that mysterious substance underneath the jalapeños is 13-month-old beer?”

Maybe this is the norm. If so, I would find its universality (that is, the Fridge Complex) to be perfectly justified; who the heck has sufficiently renewable courage, or the necessary industrial rubber suits, to go in there on a consistent basis? Anyway, upon my last fridge-and-freezer-raid, I found some bananas that looked super questionable, like they abuse their tanning-salon memberships questionable, but they were ideal for these Banana Poppy Seed Muffins (really)!

Enter muffins.

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