About Us

We are Bette Jane and Krisla! Through mutual friends and a passion for all things tasty, the three of us (Krisla + Bette Jane + food) have developed a beautiful friendship. Subsequently, we are compelled to share it in the forms of rambling posts and experimental recipes.


Mello! I am Bette Jane! I love to write, read, explore, garden, bake, culinarily experiment, photograph, draw. I am a careful-meat-eater-in-search-of-a-word-identity-that-will-probably-end-in-arian, thinker, oldest sister, hungry gnome. But to be more elaborate:

Joyful exercise is my dig. Mostly because it could refer to anything but probably not sweating it out in a gym.

I think food should mean more and less. What? My posts try to explain. Ultimately, I love food and its cultures.

‘Doodle’ is a significant word-replacer in my vocabulary.

Avocado is a fruit. I could marry avocado.

I could also marry Jennifer Lawrence (believe it), bell hooks, Andrea Smith, half-Foucault, Lena Dunham, Toni Morrison, Christopher from the ferry, Carl Jung, Edna St. Vincent Millay (conditionally), Garry Winogrand, Jean Mohr…we’ll see who proposes first.

I am grateful for sharing these rants with you.

I love trees; always have.

And I like the word ‘always’! Doodle always. Always doodle. Always doodle trees.

A few wonderful, loyal, ridiculous friends have been my family. I’ve had them forever, like pocket lint in favorite jeans. It’s easy to forget, but they really make your pants soft.

Gnomes are apart of life. They get hungry.

The avocado will probably be first.

Hello, world! Krisla speaking. Medical student. Transplanted Seattle-ite living in Fort Worth, TX.

I am Vietnamese American who has grown up eating my mother’s delicious, traditional food. This means that I didn’t grow up eating very many sweet desserts. But it also means that meat and seafood are essential food groups and I enjoy eating things that most people might say are weird and funky.


I have lovely people in my life. My family is very important to me. My cousins are a riot. My friends are silly goofs. Mike is my lifetime partner-in-crime.

Feel free to contact us: hungrygnomesblog [at] gmail [dot] com

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I love these [auto] biographies of you two. Krisla, my biography would be very similar to yours, hahha- Ellen, meat, zucchini bread…

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