Sweet and Salty Fancy Bars

Now, when you hear the word “bars”, you might think “foolish health food” or “bland” or “$5 pitchers AND Tequila Tuesday”. Erase such thoughts. Well, it is Tuesday, so you may ponder tequila. But only for a moment! Then I strongly suggest you consider these sweet and salty fancy bars. A wonderful balance between nuts, grains and Mediterranean sea salt (fancy), plus chocolate, prunes and better-than-nutella…ahhhhh. They are a way back into love.

Please drink responsibly.

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Here, have a coconut!

I actually don’t have any recipes for you today. Sorry about that. SOON! I made lavender lemon bars last week and was slightly dissatisfied. Also, I have been crunched on time lately (T-15 days til the MCAT. Yikes!).

So, I bring you a coconut. One of the perks of being Asian is that my mom always has us fully stocked with exotic fruits. Exhibit A: fresh(ish) young coconut. It’s super delicious, but extremely scary to chop open. Please be careful if you attempt to do this. And I’m just gonna say it right now, I am not liable for any missing fingers, toes, broken counter tops, etc.

Not amused with the coconut anecdote? Well, you’re in luck. I have compiled a neat list of lovely links/things that I have discovered this week while “studying”:

  1. This lady is HI-larious. I’m kind of upset with myself that I found her just now. What have I been missing all this time?!
  2. Bad day?
  3. Bette Jane and I melt EVERY time we watch this.
  4. Bless you, dear child. Someone give that kid a tissue.
  5. I’m going on a mission trip this summer and I’ve been spending a lot of my free time preparing for a benefit dinner we’re having in a few weeks. Check us out!
  6. For said benefit dinner, I will possibly be making this cake for the dessert auction! Pretty, eh?
  7. Kids say the darnest things.
  8. Maya Rudolph + Ellen!
  9. Last but not least, a shoutout to That’s So Vegan for nominating Bette Jane and me for the Kreativ Blogger Award:)

I’ll be back soon:)


Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

40 days and 40 nights. “Cheese? Never heard of it. Eggs? What the eff are those? They come out of what?”

This has been my mindset for the past month and a half-ish. Well, in addition to: “I’ll just eat some chocolate”. There have been highs and lows of this vegan endeavor (an example of the latter being water and cereal…I ate every bite). But the pinnacle would undoubtedly be these Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. That’s right, those words are capitalized. In fact, it’s Dr. Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Ph.D. on dates.

Gets that milk every time.

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